Four reasons why businesses should invest in visitor management software

Greeting a visitor

Security, professionalism and organisation are of paramount importance when running or working in a business. Ian Forster, Sales Director at Adare SEC, discusses how high-quality software such as Visitornet can be the difference for organisations when it comes to keeping track and giving off the right impression for new and existing clients.

It’s critical for business owners and employees to feel safe and secure in their office building and one which makes the right first impression.

This is especially true if you are an organisation which regularly welcomes clients to your offices, as first impressions count. They need to feel that you are part of a well-oiled organisation and their work is being handled in the most professional manner.

Keeping track of who comes and goes can be difficult, particularly if you are a large organisation with hundreds of employees and frequent visitors.

However, having a quality visitor management system in place can alleviate security fears, reduce waiting times for clients and keep facilities organised and on-track.

Having such systems available, particularly when it comes to holding meetings or conferences for clients or other organisations, allows businesses to maintain a record of visitors whom are easily identifiable whilst on-site.

Not every business is the same, so each will need systems in place to match their specific requirements. For example, some might need a system which has the capability to record contractors or temporary staff checks which are stored digitally on a database alongside visitor records for as long as is required, whereas others might need them to help evaluate and improve employee absenteeism.

Whatever the reason, if you are considering investing in a visitor management system, here’s a checklist to ensure you pick the right software for your business:


Employee safety is just as important as it is in any type of organisation or business. Using a system that can store information either locally on the organisation’s servers or securely over the internet means that repeat visitors can be quickly, and efficiently, signed-in via a user-friendly touch screen application at any site without the need to take their details again – saving time and resources.

Additional information, such as a signature and photograph, can also be collected digitally and stored securely on the system to further enhance security.


A poorly-run and badly organised operation can be the difference from a new client staying or exiting – quite literally – out of the door. It’s important your software allows for visitors to be greeted in a way that leaves a positive, lasting first impression. A quality software system should be simple to use and able to efficiently register visitors, issuing them with a branded badge to help create a positive impression for the business.


With this kind of software, you can also pre-book visitor appointments to help reduce waiting times and ensure efficient visitor processing. For this, you need a system which keeps a record of returning visitors which can be stored securely and are ready to scan when they come back to your offices.

Customised data

Reports are a staple for most businesses. They can be incredibly time-consuming too and means employees are taken away from their other duties. With a comprehensive system in place, organisations should be able to quickly and easily produce extensive reports using custom-defined data fields. Whether that’s to access time and attendance, or have a fire evacuation list to hand, a quality system should have the capacity to produce detailed, accurate reports containing the specific data needed.

If you’re looking for school visitor management software, you need to shop around to make sure you find the one that best fits your needs.

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