About Us

We have been a leading supplier of Visitor Management Solutions since 2002.  Our experience, knowledge and expertise in this area has enabled us to develop an innovative, market leading solution that is used by many businesses and educational establishments throughout the UK.

Based at our site in Redditch, Worcestershire, we are ideally situated to support our nationwide clients with technical support and training. 

Redditch is also home to our Kalamazoo Direct sales team, dedicated Visitornet account managers, technical support and a team of Visitornet developers. 

Visitornet software is created and developed by Kalamazoo Direct; we do not have resellers so our customers speak directly to Visitor Management specialists, and support is provided from our in-house technical support team. 

We provide visitor management solutions for both educational bodies and business, with a dedicated product for each sector, ensuring our customers get the most out of their Visitornet. 

 Our Values

Regular contact with our clients enables us to continually evolve and improve our Visitornet system.  We like to build close relationships with our customers­, so we can understand their requirements and build Visitornet around them.  Continual innovation is at the forefront of our everyday activities, and we add new features to our software on a regular basis.  We believe in flexibility; when your business grows and changes, so should your Visitor Management Software. 

We’re passionate about Visitor Management as you’ll soon see when we visit your site for a demo.  We’re a happy bunch when working on Visitor Management Projects!