Paper vs Electronic Visitor Management

Paper vs Electronic Visitor Management

Our latest post discusses benefits of moving from paper to an Electronic Visitor Management System.

A very old way of managing visitors is to use a sign-in sheet. This is a piece of paper that is kept in a binder on the reception desk. When a visitor arrives, they write down there details, who they are visiting and time they arrived. Then a receptionist will notify the host that their visitor has arrived. At some point the sign-in sheet would be replaced, filed away or destroyed.  A new sign-in sheet would be issued.

Whilst it’s not particularly good, it’s a system that does work. It’s not very environmentally friendly and requires someone to sit at a reception desk to facilitate the signing in process.

As technology has advanced, electronic visitor management is now commonplace in many offices. The use of software cuts down on errors, allows you to record more information and is safer in terms of data management. It also frees up reception staff to complete other tasks.

In moving from paper to electronic, businesses are seeing many benefits including:

  • Speeding up sign-in time
  • More detailed reporting
  • Quick photo capture
  • Pre-booking of visitors
  • Easy signing of health & safety agreements
  • Easy fire list printing

Visitornet – Visitor Management Software is designed to work via a PC and touchscreen. The only paper used is for the pass which is given to the visitor on arrival. There is no need to find space in reception for a large sign-in sheet, pens and other items as visitors can be processed using the touchscreen.

Switching across from a paper system to an Electronic Visitor Management system is easy thanks to our helpful Visitornet team. Whether you’re a School or Business we can help you with your visitor management requirements.

Contact us today for a free obligation quote to switch from paper to electronic. It’s easier than you think. Check out our list of customers who already have.

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