Pupil Lateness Tracking

pupil lateness tracking

One of the biggest challenges for schools on a daily basis is pupil lateness tracking. At Visitornet we recognised this challenge and came up with a simple process for schools to follow that features in our visitor software.

We have explained┬áthe process below so you can see for yourself how easy it is…

When the pupil arrives choose the “Late Sign-In” button.

Pupil Lateness Tracking - Step 1


In the next step type in the name of the pupil and Visitornet will help find that pupil for you. Then click Next.

Pupil Lateness Tracking - Step 2

Choose from a list of preset reasons for lateness then add any extra information that is appropriate.

Pupil Lateness Tracking - Step 3


Visitornet confirms the name of the pupil, year, class and the reason for lateness.

Pupil Lateness Tracking - Step 4


Using the reporting functions you can see a list of all the recent late pupils.
Pupil Lateness Tracking - Step 5

With help from this Visitornet feature your school can effectively manage pupil lateness on a daily basis. In addition Visitornet can also record pupils leaving early which is a simple 5 step process as above.

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