Your reception area is the entry point to your building for many visitors. As well as visitors it can also be used to welcome staff, contractors and deliveries.

With a high amount of traffic in one area, it is important to understand who is passing through your reception. This knowledge allows you to increase site security and helps your organisation fulfil its Duty of Care to staff, contractors and visitors.

Reception Software should make running a busy reception easy and free up staff to concentrate on the important task of greeting visitors in order to make a positive first impression.

Below we have outlined 5 simple ways to ensure you make a good impression on visitors:

It’s good to pre-book

shutterstock_43238722-150x150Reduce visitor waiting times by pre-booking visitors using reception software. Upon arrival, pre-booked visitors will be processed more quickly than having to record all visitor details upon arrival, helping you to create that all-important professional first impression.

Personalise their visit

visitornet-banner-image-150x150Most reception software applications allow you to customise visitor badges to include as much or little information as required. Providing a personalised badge with your company logo and branding helps to affirm your professional corporate identity.  It also enables staff to identify individuals in the building, helping to increase site security.

Don’t make them wait

clock-150x150An unmanned reception can be a lonely place; it is wise to ensure that visitors are not waiting around for long. Reception software can alert staff via a text or email when their visitor has arrived to ensure hosts are ready to greet visitors as soon as possible.

Cover all bases

fire-150x150New visitors will not be familiar with your health and safety or evacuation procedures. To fulfil your Duty of Care and ensure visitors are aware of what to do in an emergency, it can be a good idea to include health and safety guidelines as part of your visitor registration process.

Time for a quick exit

photo-1469047616593-20bed1f1217aThere is nothing worse than being stuck in a queue when leaving somewhere to start the journey home.  A good reception software application will allow visitors to be signed out with ease, usually by scanning their visitor badge or signing out on a screen. This will allow visitors to hit the road sooner in order to miss the traffic!



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