We have been providing Schools Visitor Management systems for a decade. Schools have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn. A key part of this is knowing who is on school premises and making sure any authorised visitors are easily identifiable. Many schools across the UK are implementing a school visitor management system in order to do this.

To help identify visitors and safeguard pupils, Kalamazoo Direct's school visitor software, Visitornet for Education, can be installed in your school office or reception. Visitornet enables you to effectively manage the visitors on your premises, safeguard pupils and staff, and maintain a high level of on-site security. School visitor software is favoured by Ofsted.

What are the key features of our Schools Visitor Management software?

Our school visitor software allows you to:

Utilise an interactive touch screen

Personalise the welcome screen to greet your visitors uniquely. Enables visitors, staff and pupils to sign-in with ease.

Record pupil lateness

Visitornet enables schools to identify patterns in pupil lateness so corrective action can be taken to improve pupil punctuality and attendance.

Manage your staff

Visitornet provides a central database to efficiently manage staff time and attendance. View which staff members are on-site, who arrived late and who left the premises early.

Personalise the design

Visitornet allows you to add your school logo to the system for a professional, personalised feel. You can adjust settings in the administration panel to amend messages, badge templates and data captured.

Create a fire evacuation list

Visitornet’s Current Visitors list doubles as a fire evacuation list, which can be quickly sent or printed to key personnel. This enables you to ensure all visitors are present and accounted for.

These are just some of the benefits of implementing a School Visitor Management System. Contact us below to arrange a demo.

Schools Visitor Management

Key Benefits?

Visitornet for Education is designed to fit around your requirements. It is easy to use and allows a high volume of visitors to be processed quickly and efficiently.

With support, installation and training options available, Visitornet is your ideal school visitor software solution. Contact us to find out more or to obtain a no obligation quotation.


Kalamazoo Direct’s Visitornet software - Education Edition is ideal for fulfilling your reception software requirements.

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