Visitor Registration Systems – Reasons to implement

Visitor Registration Systems

Organisations have a duty of care to understand who is on their premises. Many companies use a visitor registration system to help monitor visitors.

We have collated some reasons why your organisation needs a visitor registration system. In speaking to our customers, these are the 4 top reasons to implement:

Staff Safety

Every work place must be safe for staff, visitors and contractors. A visitor registration system allows you to understand who is not a member of staff.

We sometimes hear “I don’t need it we are a small company”. This is true in some instances but are you easily able to distinguish between your staff, visitors and contractors? Do you have frequent traffic in your reception? If the answer is yes then consider implementing a system.


A visitor registration system allows you to control and gather information about visitors in relation to activities on your site. It means you can manage and data relating to visitors and build up their visit history and profile. A visitor registration systems data can be either hosted on your own servers or in the cloud as is now common.


A system should all be about letting the correct people in and keeping the wrong people out. As simple as it sounds, many businesses are vulnerable to theft as they do not know who is wandering around there corridors.

First Impressions

On arriving to your premises, visitors make up their mind quickly, so it’s vitally important to make a great first impression. With a visitor registration system you can pre-load visitors so when they arrive you have a badge ready and waiting for them. It shows you’re serious about the safety of your visitors.

Help with Visitor Registration

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