Kalamazoo Direct provides two visitor management solutions, Visitornet Online, and Visitornet Pro. Our visitor management software enables you to fully control who is on your site and help you to fulfil your Duty of Care requirements in order to comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

We offer two visitor management solutions, a server based application Visitornet Pro and a cloud-based application, Visitornet OnlineThe systems allow your front-of-house personnel to quickly and efficiently manage your visitors.

Visitornet’s extensive capabilities allow you to book appointments, reserve meeting rooms, hire equipment and notify relevant personnel of appointments and visitor arrivals. Our visitor software can be developed to the requirements of your business.


Custom Reporting

Need data on your visitors? Don’t worry SmartVisitor can fulfill all your reporting requirements. From basic to advanced reports.

Remote Booking

Users of SmartVisitor don’t need to be in front of a PC to make a booking. Bookings can be made via email or our booking portal.

Room Booking

SmartVisitor can easily create room bookings, allocate resources and much more. Take the work out of booking in visitors.


Our visitor management software can be integrated into any touchscreen system. Touchscreen is a popular format for visitor sign in.

Email & SMS alerts

SmartVisitor works seamlessly across email and mobile. We can integrate into existing email & SMS systems.

Fast check in / check out

Checking in visitors is quick thanks to our easy to use interface. When they leave its also fast for you and them!

Key Benefits

Fast Visitor check in/check out
The intuitive system enables your front-of-house personnel to pre-book and register visitors quickly and easily by taking away the need to re-enter information. With barcode scanning, group booking capabilities and a remote booking option available, Visitornet Pro has everything you need for an efficient visitor check-in process to create a professional, memorable first impression.
Customisable visitor badge templates
Visitornet Pro’s visitor and identification passes can be customised to incorporate different logos and branding – ideal for organisations with multiple tenants who require a different pass for each company. For increased security, Visitornet Pro allows you to produce colour coded passes incorporating visitor photographs and signatures. Visitors can be categorised according to type, such as supplier or contractor, and clearly identified using various badge layouts.
Print paper passes, ID cards and stickers
Visitornet Pro can produce identfication in a variety of formats including: paper, card and stickers. Visitor passes can incorporate visitor photographs and signatures for increased security.
Room & resource booking
Visitornet Pro allows users to easily setup appointments, pre-book meeting rooms and hire equipment. The system allows fast and efficient data input and enables appointment bookers to specify requirements such as IT equipment or delegate lunches.
Email and SMS alerts
When setting appointments or pre-booking meetings, the system prompts whether an email or SMS alert should be sent to hosts advising them of a visitor’s arrival. Automated emails can also be activated so relevant personnel are advised when specific resources are needed for scheduled appointments (e.g. when a projector is required for a meeting the system will notify your IT department).
Remote booking facility
Remote appointment setting and room booking via a web portal is available, allowing your staff to set up and amend appointments without contacting reception.
Instant fire evacuation List
In case of emergency, Visitornet’s easy access current visitors list doubles as a fire-evacuation list, which can be printed at the click of a button. This allows you to easily fufil your Duty of Care health and safety requirements by ensuring your visitors are all present and accounted for.
Extensive reporting capabilities
Visitornet Pro allows you to produce extensive reports using custom defined data fields; reports can then be exported as a convenient Excel CSV file. The system can also be integrated with your access control and time & attendance systems, which allows you to produce detailed, accurate reports containing the specific data you need.
Telephone and email support
As well as full installation and user training options available, we provide ongoing telephone and email support, giving you complete peace of mind.


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