Lloyds TSB

Implementing an electronic visitor management system

The Brief
Lloyds TSB, a well recognised high street bank required a highly secure, professional visitor
management solution that mirrored their core brand values. Seeking not only a true reflection of these values, Lloyds TSB wanted their guests and contractors to feel relaxed, welcome and safe from the moment they enter their branches.With the aim of equipping a minimum of 15 of their branches they approached Kalamazoo Direct for a tailor-made solution.

Our Solution
Due to the varying sizes of Lloyds TSB branches and the volume of visitors, Kalamazoo proposed two visitor management solutions: VisitorNet an electronic visitor management system for larger branches and its handwritten paper-based solution for smaller premises.

With VisitorNet, quests can be quickly pre-booked into the Lloyds TSB system and badges pre-printed in preparation for their arrival, streamlining the check in process. Each badge is printed with a bar code which, once read by the scanner, automatically logs the guest in or out of the building.Using an electronic signature pad, visitors can quickly sign to accept the health and safety regulations, the digital signature is then stored and encrypted for retrieval at a later date.

The paper-based solution provides a simple, professional and efficient system to manage visitors. Guest details are simply written onto a pass which is copied through to an integral register sheet.

The Result
Further strengthening its position as a leader in security solutions, Kalamazoo Direct won a major contract with Lloyd’s TSB to supply visitor management systems across 15 London-based sites. Kalamazoo has provided five buildings with its advanced PC-based solution VisitorNet and 10 buildings with its manual paper-based version.These systems will enable Lloyds TSB to capture detailed information of all on-site visitors whilst promoting a professional and organised company image to guests.